Configuration for my self-hosted software deployed to Kubernetes.
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Netflux on Kubernetes

This is a learning project to migrate the self-hosted services that I host at to Kubernetes.

Me deploying my blog on Kubernetes

This repository contains the Kubernetes manifests, which are built using Kustomize. Helm chart dependencies are inflated and managed in this repository to improve observability. The cluster is deployed to DigitalOcean managed K8S in production, but can be easily applied to a local cluster for testing.


The manifests can be built with:

make dev

and applied with:

make dev | kubectl apply -f -

Helm charts

When required, helm charts can be inflated with:

# install or update the prometheus helm chart:
make inflate name=prometheus chart=prometheus-community/prometheus

An optional values file can be provided in deploy/base/values/prometheus.yaml (update the helm chart name accordingly).

Cluster setup


cert-manager should only be installed in production. It is not managed inside this repository.


helm repo add jetstack
helm repo up
helm install cert-manager jetstack/cert-manager --namespace cert-manager --create-namespace --version v1.8.0 --set installCRDs=true

# create issuers
kubectl apply -f cert-manager/issuer-staging.yml
kubectl apply -f cert-manager/issuer-production.yml

This should be sufficient for cert-manager to issue certificates automatically when the tls.enabled value is set to true.