Clip audio from Youtube.
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Build Status

Clipper is a Youtube audio clipper developed using modern web technologies.

  • Go
  • protobuf, grpc-web
  • Typescript
  • React

It is currently in early development.



It is required that an ffmpeg binary is available in the current path.

Running the app

The backend requires configuration via environment variables - see backend/.env.example. All variables must be set unless they are marked as optional.

Then, the server can be started with:

cd backend/
go run cmd/clipper/main.go

The frontend can be launched on localhost:3000 with:

cd frontend/
yarn start

Code generation

To regenerate protobuf code and GRPC stubs, first install protoc and the GRPC dependencies:

go install
go install

Then generate the code with:


To regenerate the database access layer, first install sqlc. New queries can be added to backend/sql/queries.sql, and code regenerated with:

cd backend/
sqlc generate

Mocks require mockery to be installed, and can be regenerated with:

go generate ./...


Database migrations require golang-migrate.

go install -tags 'postgres'

Migrations then can be run with:

cd backend/
migrate -path sql/migrations -database $DATABASE_URL up